About us

 Mkena.com is an advanced online store for auto spare parts that is driven by an original car manufacturing catalog for accurate auto part searching & ordering.  This back-end catalog provides up to date information that goes back on some brands to the 1950’s and beyond. The motive behind establishing MKena goes back to the 1990’s when the founder started what was an advanced car repair center for its time that provided the ultimate auto service to consumers, and from there the idea of making the locating and obtaining of auto parts easier came into being, and the challenge of how to do this began.  The founder made a few attempts to automate the auto spare parts industry in Saudi Arabia by providing different platforms to connect auto part providers on one network throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s; however, due to obstacles in the market; such as lack of internet connectivity in Saudi Arabia in the early 90’s, and an immature e-commerce concept, the different platforms invented by the founder were ahead of their time.  Ultimately, because of all of these years of experience with working in the auto parts industry, and the growth of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia, a new platform was born called MKena.com to serve end customers and workshops by providing simplistic ordering mechanisms for auto parts.


MKena.com is powered by the Advanced Auto E-commerce Marketing company (AAEM) (CR no: 2051224564) and ( VAT  number :  310188508400003  ) , by a team with more than 20 years’ experience in the auto parts, auto workshop, and vendor supply chain management industry.


AAEM create MKena.com as a foundation platform for additional services that will be provided in the near future to revolutionize the auto parts industry in Saudi Arabia & GCC countries.